Planning Management

Uncompromising meticulousness – At every stage

Massad oz Management and Engineering manages the entire project planning process from formulation of the planning program and staffing planning and consultant teams based on its methodology and the most advanced methods.

Just as proper foundations are important to a structure, we at Massad Oz Management and Engineering set the best infrastructure and planning to ensure project success.

Massad Oz applies a clear planning management methodology that includes, inter alia:

  • Preparing the planning and licensing outline with the statutory bodies.

  • Highlighting decisions of importance for increasing project efficiency.

  • Analyzing risks and reducing potential obstacles.

  • Preliminary and advanced planning.

  • Examining planning alternatives.

  • Devising a preliminary estimate and budget analysis.

  • Managing a meticulous schedule.

  • Planning management in a BIM environment and distributing programs to bids and execution.

  • Managing ongoing tasks.

  • Handling and accompanying special licensing requirements.

  • Completing the conditions for obtaining construction permits.

  • Manning the bidding process toward evaluating contractors and suppliers for each stage of execution.

  • Coordinating execution plans.