Our Story

Massad Oz Management and Engineering was founded in 1996 by engineers Amit Massad and Neta Berman and it manages a wide range of engineering and infrastructure projects for leading companies and corporations.

The company has acquired extensive know-how and experience through managing hundreds of civil engineering projects, including industry, logistics, commercial centers, office buildings, public structures, residential units, assisted living facilities, medical campuses and infrastructures.

The company specializes in combine projects of managerial, technological and engineering complexity, requiring advanced integration and strong synchronization. The company strictly upholds values of professionalism, striving toward uncompromising excellence and the provision of optimal service, employing meticulously.

The company has developed a methodology, quality work tools and procedures that improve and optimize project operations. The managerial methods applied by the company define clear project objectives and decisively act toward their achievement.

The company’s project managers operate in a computerized system with an advanced methodology based on a set of state of the art procedures and work methods.

Massad Oz Management and Engineering fills a position of trust for meticulously and precisely accompanying clients through all stages of the project while conducting deep and thorough project analysis at all stages, deriving conclusion, auditing various segments and constantly improving practices in light of changing needs and situations. We consider ourselves responsible for project progress and for its successful completion while complying with the required quality standards, budgets and timetables.