Massad Oz Methodology

At Massad Oz Management and Engineering, we understand that, through the great privilege of managing projects for our customers, we are responsible to professional and precise engineering management while constantly monitoring all stages of the project at every point in time.


We believe in professionalism and provide professionalism,
insisting on precision even in the smallest of details.

ניהול שוטף ומתן מענה מקיף לכל שלב בזמן אמת


Development Stage

Development Stage

Getting Started! Program preparation management and planning toward optimizing rights. Evaluating lot-program correspondence (geometry, UCP, accessibility and more). Optimizing the rights and defining the project budget.


Initial Planning

Initial Planning

Seeking information from authorities and obtaining guidelines for planning and managing the program procedure, including a guidance sheet for project planners, appointing an advisory team, preparing a budget and defining the project timetables. Presenting planning alternatives and their derivatives.


Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning

Planning management and coordination, emphasizing licensing aspects, budgets and customer needs. Managing tender stages and issuing full guidelines to the planners. Contractor site tours, negotiations with contractors and suppliers and providing professional and objective advice.


Licensing and Permits

Licensing and Permits

Analysis and recommendations for the proper method for obtaining licensing, handling special licensing issues and evaluating special alleviations. Coordinating between various licensing factors, including the local authorities. Support until receiving the construction permits.


Execution Management

Execution Management

Preparing detailed work plans, defining objectives and conducting meetings to evaluate execution in terms of timetables, quality and budget. Continuously monitoring execution and payment management. Generating a detailed monthly report and handling works until Form 4 issuance.


Population and finishing

Population and finishing

Almost done! Handling the trial operation of all project systems and their integration, coordinating handover with all operational factors until structure handover. Accompaniment and individual response throughout the inspection year.

Management Involvement

Creating engineering value based on years of experience with substantial decision-making processes.

Human Capital

Winning human capital, prepared for every challenge.

Ongoing Coordination

Real-time information sharing with all project stakeholders.

Commitment to Process Management

Process and task management.

Process Involvement

Sharing and full transparency with the customer.

Meeting Objectives

Setting a fixed date for project completion and insistently striving to meet it.

Adaptation to changes

Management flexible to customer changes and decision making in times of uncertainty.

Working Here

Creating a pleasant, safe and professional working environment at the project.

Massad Oz Management and Engineering provides its customers a set of services including:

development management, planning management and execution management.

The company manages all stages of the project, beginning from pre-development and planning to population and finishing while at all times maintaining the customer’s interest, providing real time reports, enabling monetary streamlining and savings along with uncompromising quality execution.